Thursday, May 19, 2011

The High School Memory

 This is the hardest topic ever! There are plenty of favorite high school memories. But if I have to pick one, I would say when my best friend Junna, who I've known for almost 6 years, and I were having a hard time. It was the first summer of high school. We were in different high school, so that we didn't get an opportunity to see each other like we used to do, and we both were struggling in the new surroundings. After the summer vacation, I had skipped school some times and one day, I was talking to Junna on the phone and she told me how she is doing in her school. I figured out she was having even harder time than I was. After a while she couldn't continue going to school anymore, even if she had tried. So in order to start everything over, she dropped her school out and started working. But I decided to keep going to high school and get in university to study to be a doctor. We have chosen totally different ways, however, it was OUR answer which we thought together, struggled together, and helped each other. This whole thing sounds just stupid teenager thing, but through this experience, we have grown up and now, respect each other a lot. We also have dreams to accomplish. The hard time gave us hope and a great friendship at the end. It'll be my best memory of high school life.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Life in ID.

 So, it has been almost 9 months since I came here. During this staying, I had a lot of amazing experiences. And the most precious thing that I got in here is people. I learned the relationships between people are priceless, and so important. You can't trade it with anything. I got a great opportunity to find it in here. I'll never forget people who I got to know in here. And I learned so much differences and similarities such as teenagers, people, and school, and the biggest one is transportations. I normally take a walk, ride my bike, or use public transportation to go to somewhere in Japan, but in here, everyone uses cars and even the high school students do (which is crazy for me). So according to those reasons my life in here has been a little different from in Japan. I miss my home and am looking forward to go back, but I really love my life in here and will miss here so much when I go back. I really am glad that I came here and got many precious host family, friends, teachers, and experiences. I’m going to come visit here again sometime in near future.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Show and Tell.

I have a lot of great stuff which I would like to talk about, but today, I'll talk about these cute little tigers. It was about 2 years ago, Oct. 5, 2009, my best friend Junna and I went to the zoo. At the gift shop, we saw the cute tigers and decided to get them. Their arms are connected and so they never leave each other (even if they wanna let go each other). They are one in two. We thought it's like us. We have been friends for about 5 years. During these 5 years, we went through a lot of stuff together both good and bad. And now, we are like sisters. We fight, say anything to each other, share anything, and she comes over to my house even when I'm not home. Literally, she lives in my house! So, anyways, we are best friends (it even is so weird to call her "friend"....) and we think we will be stuck each other no matter what. And that pretty much is why they are like us and so important for me :D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring break 2011 in ID

 I had a great spring break in here. I was hanging out with my friends almost everyday and even made some new friends too. I think it was the busiest spring break I've ever had! And I loved it a lot. I also missed school a little bit though.
So, one of the favorite memory of this spring break was "Sushi Party" at Katt's. She had a Japanese exchange student, Madoka who came to our school last week before this spring break. She stayed here only for 10 days. But we became really good friends. At the sushi party, we ate Japanese food which Madoka and Katt made. There were a lot of sushi, miso soup, rice and an-pan which is a Japanese sweet bean bread. They were SO YUMMY. I ate a lot until my stomach gets stuffed and about to explode!
 After the sushi party, my host sister Hannah and I spent a night over there. That was really fun. We made the different kind if sushi for dinner, baked cookies, and talked a lot. At first, we were talking in English but once Madoka and I started talking in Japanese, we couldn't stop talking and kept talking until 4:30 in the morning. Normally, I can't talk really well with people who I barely know, but with Madoka, I felt so comfortable and so did she. We both were saying it doesn't feel like we know each other for only some days. So it was so sad that she had to go back to Japan a day after day when I spent a night. But we can see each other again in this summer after I go back to Japan. I am so excited about that!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A fear of Nature.

 "Rina, the huge earthquake hit Japan, just now" my hostdad came in to my room and said. I was freaked out and couldn't even move, and the first thing I said was "What? Are you kidding me?" Well, I should've said "Please, say just kidding." I was scared, frightened and worried. It was like a mass of fear running around in my stomach. After a while, I went to watch the news. Fortunately, the epicenter was far away from where my family live. They said "We didn't even feel anything." But the news said Tokyo where I was born and my friends, grandparents, dad and relatives live has had some damages. Soon, I tried to get a contact with my family and friends in Japan and I made sure that at least they were alive. I was relieved a little bit because of it though, it was still going on over there. My friend in Tokyo told me they were having lots of little shakes every 10 mins even a next day. Then, I was realized how huge the earthquake was.
 I was looking for the infomations of the earthquake online. I saw one video of a HUGE wave has come from the ocean was EATING the city. People, cars, and even houses were floating on the sunk village. It even looked fake. Actually, I still can't believe it was real.  What I thought was it's such an easy thing for nature to destroy and take lots and lots of lives away. I'm so sorry for people who got killed, injured, and lost their loved because of this disaster. I pray for all of them, and hope everything would be okay.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last week, I figured out that the brown panda bears exist. I was just looking for the informations of pandas on the internet and then, found an article which said "A Rare Brown Panda Bear's Baby"
In 2009, a baby brown panda was discovered in a nature reserve, in China. It was the fifth discovered brown panda of the whole world and 2 months old when they found this one. As you can see, its color is light brown and white. although the mother panda was a normal black and white panda bear.

The reason of why their birthes exist is pointed out the genetic, spiritual power, and so on, but actually the specific reason is still unkown.
I love normal black and white panda bears, but these kinds are so adorable too! They are also mysterious, and it makes me more be interested in them.

Friday, February 4, 2011

 I'm Rina, a 17-year-old high school exchange student from Japan, here in Idaho.
I like singing, dancing, playing sports, learning languages, and I love PANDA BEARS, they are the cutest animal ever. I basically like animals, but pandas are more special. I've loved them, and I've been correcting panda stuff for a long time. For example, panda stuff animals, panda T-shirt, panda necklaces, panda pillow pet, and so on.Last time I saw real pandas, I was 3 years old, in San Diego Zoo. It was also the first time I saw them and I haven't seen real pandas since then. One of my dream that I've been desiring for a long time is going see real panda at national panda park in China.